Open House Events



We invite families who are considering camp to an open house. At Camp Speers, we help kids build confidence and independence. This can begin even before camp starts–with an open house tour.

Camp Speers welcomes you to an open house to enjoy a guided tour, learn more about camp programs, get to know some of the staff, and try some of the activities. Our Winter Carnival and Spring Fling offers tours, activities for the entire family, and a chance to meet some of our amazing staff.  Bring the whole family and some friends to enjoy a day of camp fun at no charge ($5 fee for lunch during Spring Fling).  Click the link below to sign up!
Saturday March 2, 2019: Winter Carnival / Open House (10am – 4pm) Sign up here
Sunday April 7, 2019: Open House (2 – 4pm)                                                Sign up here
Saturday May 11, 2019: Spring Fling! (11am – 4pm)                                     Sign up here                              Sunday June 2, 2019: Open House (2 – 4pm)                                                Sign up here

For a private tour, call the  office to schedule: 570-828-2329.