Capital Campaign

Passion, Purpose, Promise: The Campaign for Camp Speers YMCA

Since 1948, Camp Speers has been a place of connection, exploration, accomplishment, belonging, risk taking, and welcome for thousands of children, teens and adults.  We have nurtured individual’s growth while creating a world-wide Camp family.

Camp Speers’ facilities have grown from one old inn surrounded by borrowed tents to a campus of more than 60 buildings, miles of trails and roadways, and dozens of activity venues surrounding the pristine waters of Lake Nichecronk.  Building upon our accomplishments and the merger with The Greater Philadelphia YMCA, we are excited to envision and plan for our future – one in which we expand our Camp family by providing MORE CAMP for MORE where ALL may realize their Passion, Purpose and Promise!


Passion, Purpose, Promise: The Campaign for Camp Speers

Launched in July 2015, Passion, Purpose, Promise: The Campaign for Camp Speers has supported the renovation and expansion of Camp facilities and programs.  We plan to continue to expand all areas of the camp and its experience. This way campers for years to come can enjoy the life long memories built here at Camp Speers.

Please join us in building this exciting future.

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