Prepare for Camp

Prepare for Camp

A lot goes into preparing for camp, but we’ve got some tips and resources to help make it a great transition and experience for both you and your camper.

  • Start by attending an open house, winter carnival, spring fling, or a family weekend.  Getting your camper familiar with camp will help it feel more comfortable when they come to camp.
  • Learn a little bit more about the program, schedule, and activities.  You can do this in multiple ways: check out the rest of the website, ask questions at an open house, call the office, or phone a friend.
  • Check your email.  Our camp directors send out the parent handbook and other communications prior to camp, they’re meant to help make the process easier!
  • Pack for camp together Packing List.  It can be a great chance to spend some time with your kid and can lead to spontaneous conversation about camp.
  • Talk about how you will communicate during camp and remind your camper that they are going to camp to have fun, not to talk to you!  *Camp Speers does not allow phone calls during camp but we encourage writing letters and sending emails.
  • Remind your camper of the things that make him/her/them special, everyone needs to hear that from time to time!

Forms and paperwork are important to preparing for camp as well.  We have primarily shifted to online registration with all forms on Camp Brain but here’s the PDF versions too!

Day Camp Forms

Day Camp Information Form

Pick Up/Drop Of Behavior Form

Overnight Camp Forms